sıfır bir replikleri ne demek?

"Sıfır Bir" is a Turkish action-packed television series that follows the adventures of a group of special forces soldiers. The series is known for its intense and exciting action scenes, as well as its memorable dialogue and one-liners.

Some popular "Sıfır Bir" quotes include:

  • "Bizim işimiz asfaltı dövmek." (Our business is to beat the pavement.)
  • "Biz görev yaparız, after yapmayız." (We do our duty, we don't gossip.)
  • "Asla pes etme, asla geri adım atma." (Never give up, never take a step back.)
  • "Senin şansın benim tutkumun yanında açlık grevi yapıyor." (Your luck is on a hunger strike next to my passion.)
  • "Vakit daralıyor." (Time is running out.)

These quotes have become popular among fans of the series and are often used in everyday conversations and social media posts.